Application Deployment, Maintenance, Support,
and Operations

DynPro has managed a wide range of complex and highly visible applications running on a 7x24 basis. Moreover, we have run these business-critical applications around the clock without requiring any significant system downtime for maintenance. DynPro has operated more than 500 business-to-business sites globally with an annual transaction volume of more than $20 billion. We provide service guarantees and make long-term commitments, while assuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We have typically saved our clients 35% or more compared to the cost of using their internal resources.

We use our own proprietary Project Management Methodology, which has been field tested and proven effective. We are particularly proud of our track record for delivering projects ahead of schedule.

The future of your business can depend on having the right applications and ensuring that they are properly managed. DynPro has the depth of expertise and the breadth of experience to develop and implement the applications you need and to manage them with skill and efficiency

Service Highlights: