Enterprise Application Integration, Web Integration

DynPro can help you integrate applications across your entire enterprise, seamlessly linking such disparate but interdependent functions as order entry, engineering, manufacturing, planning, fulfillment, customer service, and billing. We can make the information systems that support all of your company's operations function as a single, high-performance engine rather than as a loose collection of mismatched parts. We also can integrate these applications while protecting the large investments you may have made over the years in legacy systems. We have been successful in integrating our customers' Web portals work by coordinating their ERP systems, such as SAP R/3, and their Web applications. Making these technologies work in concert has enabled customers to have a fast and easy Web self-service ordering process that has reduced the cost per order. DynPro provides complete, end-to-end systems integration solutions that are strategically planned and expertly implemented. With our services you will realize improved functionality, operational efficiency, cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, and readiness for future growth and change.

Service Highlights: