eBusiness Deployment, Maintenance, and Operations

DynPro will manage and help your company use the Web to build lasting customer relationships and get ahead of your competition. With the right e-business solutions, you can respond to your customers' needs quickly and effectively.

We have deployed and managed more than 75 business-to-customer sites in 33 countries and 18 languages. We also have deployed more than 1,200 business-to-business sites in 12 languages. We have managed to keep catalogs of as many as 5,000 products up-to-date on a daily basis for more than 1,000 sites.Because e-business is a 24-hours-a-day/7-days-a-week endeavor with no geographic boundaries, DynPro consultants provide support around the clock and around the world with superior reliability. We maintain, update, and upgrade sites with practically no maintenance window and thus no down time.

Service Highlights: