Sales & Supply-Chain Optimization

DynPro specializes in Sales and Supply Chain process improvement. Our consultants have led process improvement projects at several Fortune 500 companies in the Chemical, Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Service sectors.

Our Sales and Supply Chain Review is a first step to identifying current issues, quick solutions to improve your ROI and roadmaps to introducing improved processes, based on your people and the technology they use.

Our extensive knowledge of SAP leads to detailed plans of configuration and other changes required to put the improvements into place.

We cover the following areas in our review:

  • Customer management
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Contract & Order management
  • Customer Service
  • Foreign Trade
  • Marketing
  • Billing & Credit Management
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile & Field Sales
  • Sales & Operations Forecasting
  • Demand Management
  • Advanced Planning
  • Product Availability
  • Product Allocation
  • Shipping
  • Transportation
  • Material Management
  • Returns & Repairs
  • Sales & Supply Chain Reporting