About DynPro

DynPro is a dynamic, fast-growing information systems consulting firm specializing in e-commerce and SAP implementation. Headquartered on the edge of North Carolina's acclaimed Research Triangle Park with branches in Europe and Asia, DynPro provides smart, innovative solutions to high-tech and manufacturing companies. DynPro is agile and flexible enough to meet customer needs.

DynPro Global Services:

DynPro is agile and flexible enough to meet customer needs. We recruit high quality, expert consultants; but it's our ability to manage and support these consultants that really sets us apart. Our innovative internal training center helps consultants continually expand and improve their skill sets, while providing them knowledge transfer via direct access to each other and their principal consultants for added back-up and support. Started in 1996, DynPro has helped outstanding clients to find world-class solutions. With our partners we have cultivated relationships around the world - finding the best people, the best systems, and the most innovative responses to today's challenging business questions. Our expertise is in leveraging your existing strengths and finding effective solutions to fill in the holes.

We can leverage our experience of working in Europe and Asia-Pacific to bring local knowledge and language skills to multi-national implementations. We can also use global efficiencies to provide 24x7 support and economic advantages of off-shore application management.

Our Services Include
Custom Development
Direct Hire
Staff Augmentation
Application Management

DynPro Enterprise Solutions:

Our case studies prove that companies of all sizes benefit from these sound, yet innovative, programs. We've tested and refined our approach to move beyond business theory into actionable steps your organization can quickly put into practice. Success metrics for each of our programs are well defined so that your management can measure the positive impact from
day one.

DynPro can help your company use the Web to build lasting customer relationships and get ahead of your competition. With the right e-business solutions, you can respond to your customers' needs quickly and effectively.

DynPro designs, develops, and implements well-architected business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions. We make sure you have the accurate and up-to-date information access needed for better Customer Relationship Management including product browsing, ordering, checking on status, or reporting a problem. Our consultants include system architects, Web designers, deployment experts, technology analysts, software developers, information specialists, and implementers.

Our Solutions Include
eBusiness Solutions

Recognition & Experience:

DynPro has the proven experience and track record to take on projects of any size and scope. We have been commended world-wide by business teams in our past projects and for our commitment to excellence and on-time delivery. DynPro's management team has strong ties with and experience in working in the UK, India, Far East and Australia. This gives us a good under standing of requirements and ability to deliver on work required in these areas.

Our team based approach and efficiency to get tasks done on time and on budget makes a significant impact to the overall operation of any project. DynPro is flexible in responding to changing requirements, sensitive and aware of the need to control change and the impact on costs.

DynPro is committed to providing quality resources at the most competitive rates available in the marketplace.

Recognition Information
Company Profile
Certified Minority Owned Business
Named as One of NC's Fast 50